Wiedenmann Vacation

Web Front-End to Manage vacation(1) Settings

Author:Wolfgang Scherer



This program is a front end written in PHP to manage the vacation(1) auto reply command.

The content of the message file $HOME/.virtual.msg can be edited in a browser.

It is also possible to appoint another user to receive a copy of all emails, when the vacation(1) filter is active.

The auto reply history from vacation(1) is also shown and can be deleted.



Regular user interface:

  • the user cannot be changed
  • the link to the manual is omitted

Administrator interface.

  • the user can be selected
  • a link to the administrator manual is shown

Expert Mode active.

  • Automatic Conversion mode no longer available
  • Use Clear to load default message and enable Automatic Conversion mode.


Expert Mode

In Expert Mode, a preformatted mail can be used.

You can, e.g., compose a multipart/alternative mail that contains both plain text and HTML in your favorite mail client. (Thunderbird does an excellent job). Make sure to use character set UTF-8!


Once a mail is saved in Expert Mode, Automatic Conversion mode is no longer available. Use the Clear button to go back to the internal defaults, which also restores Automatic Conversion mode.

The configuraton setting $EXPERT_ENABLED in lib/config.php allows to globally disable Expert Mode.

Source Code and Installation

The source code is available in a mercurial repository at ws-vacation.

Clone the repository with:

$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/wolfmanx/ws-vacation

See the Administrator Manual for installation instructions.


Copyright (C) 2012, Wolfgang Scherer, <sw@wiedenmann-seile.de>. Sponsored by Wiedenmann-Seile GmbH.

See section GNU Free Documentation License for license conditions for the documentation.

See section GNU General Public License for license conditions for the program.